Refunds Policy

Refunds Policy

Yes, but we only give a refund of the Launch Pass. If you want a refund of a specific Packs, please contact support and we will be pleased to help you.

If you are not satisfied after buying our Launch Pass, please contact us within 7 days of the receipt of your order to report the situation and receive instructions for the refund of the payment. Contact Us.

After sell only one Pack, you won’t be able to request a refund. In that case, we recommend selling all the packs or just two, so you can receive the commission as a refund.

After your solicitation, we will issue you a refund. Your request for a refund must be received within 24 business hours of the 14 days of the date and time of opening your paid account. While some refunds may be instant, refund credit can take up to 5 – 10 business days to show up in your credit card statement.

If adequate notice is not received and your credit card is subsequently charged, you will not receive a refund.