How Does it Work?

Learn How Packell Work in 3 Steps

With Packell, you can start by login for Free and make money simply by selling Packs. Just as you hear it, selling Packs.

Signup or Login to Packell

Register or Login if you don’t have an account. It’s easy, just click on the right button and fill out the Form.

Buy the Launch Pass

To start in Packell, yo have to buy a Launch Pass to enjoy the benefits. After purchasing it, you will receive 5 Launch Pass with a discounted of 50% OFF to sell and earn $15.

Sharing your Packs to Sell

You can buy Packs from the Packell platform. After purchasing a Pack, you will be redirected to the page My Packs. In it, you will see all the Packs you have purchased. You can do difference things to promote your pack and get sales, such as post it in the activity feed or copy the link and share with a friend. 


One more thing

Collect coins by making activities

Start comenting, liking states, posting packs, sharing, visiting pages and more things to collect Coins that you can exchange for difference Packs.